PSP Audioware has released an update to its creative and easy-to-use tape delay plugin PSP Echo.

Version 1.5.0 includes VST3 and Apple Silicon support, and various new features and improvements.

PSP Echo is a high quality echo processor. PSP Echo’s powerful and unusual features combined with its smooth operation makes it ideal for all kinds of creative uses from simple slap back and sustain effects to ping-pong delays and spacious echoes.

Changes in PSP Echo v1.5.0

  • VST3 format for macOS and Windows.
  • New AAX engine for macOS and Windows.
  • Apple Silicon native support.
  • Brand new Preset System – added sorting presets by categories; added Undo/Redo functionality; improved A/B functionality; improved save/load preset experience.
  • Tons of of new presets and new tempo synchronized presets designed by top sound engineers from around the world.
  • New graphic engine with zooming and high resolution graphics.
  • Side chain input for ducker controlling.
  • Dropdown menu for directly settings value of music notes (including dotted and triplets).
  • Swap delay channels settings button.
  • Dry enable button (as global parameter for all presets).
  • Wet enable button.
  • Improved compatibility with the latest systems and latest version versions of popular DAWs.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, the plugin is priced $99 USD at ADSR Sounds and from the PSP Audioware store.