psychoBlog Ableton Live Racks: NY Compression, Party Rocker Synthline & esm bassy synth

psychoBlog Ableton Live Racks

Robert of analogfactory wrote in to share the news of three new free Ableton Live Racks, now available from psychoBlog.

Free Ableton Live Racks

  • NY Compression – An Audio Effect Rack which shows how you can do Inline Parallel Compression without using sends.
  • Party Rocker Synthline – Is an “analog” Instrument Rack which shows how to rebuild the synthline of LMFAO Part Rock Anthem.
  • esm bassy synth – Is a “Simpler” instrument rack with sampled waveforms of the esm bass synthesizer from Logic.

The Racks are available to download completely free from psychoBlog (no registration/email required).

More information: psychoBlog (website no longer available)

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