Minnetonka Audio has announced the release a major new version of its SurCode for Dolby™ E family of encoding and decoding products.

Minnetonka Audio Surcode for Dolby E

SurCode for Dolby™ E provides easy integration of Dolby E elements into existing workflows on a wide variety of industry–leading audio workstations. Linear PCM, with complete metadata support, can be encoded and decoded in real time and in the background at faster than real time speeds with convenient, familiar, cross–platform plug-ins.

Version 2.0 of SurCode for Dolby™ E brings a fivefold increase in encoding speed thanks, in part, to in–depth utilization of multi–threaded execution on all platforms. To further broaden RTAS, AudioSuite and VST support, a Final Cut Pro Export Decoder and AudioSuite Decoder has been added to the roster. The new Export Decoder for Apple’s Final Cut Pro enables convenient decoding to PCM without having to resort to external applications or processing loops. The faster-than-real-time decoder for AudioSuite compliments the existing real-time decoder and confidence monitor plug–in for Avid’s RTAS. Maintaining up to the minute platform parity, both SurCode for Dolby E Encoder and Decoder now also support the recently released Pro Tools 10 and Apple’s Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

The new 2.0 version of the SurCode for Dolby™ E Production Suite leverages the increased processing speed and platform–specific additions of the new release bundled together with Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools AWE™ and the SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player plug–in. This bundle provides real-time and faster-than-real-time encoding and decoding of Dolby E streams and files, while adding the ability to automatically downmix surround streams to stereo in real-time. The SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player plugs into Avid’s NewsCutter, Media Composer and PT10, and includes cross–platform VST as well as AudioTools AWE formats.

SurCode for Dolby™ E 2.0 is a no–charge upgrade for existing customers. Individual encoder and decoder packages and components, along with the 2.0 SurCode for Dolby™ E Production Suite, are available now from select resellers or online at Minnetonka Audio Software. Licenses are cross–platform and bundle/suite licenses are modular, allowing them to be assigned to separate iLok USB Smart Keys according to the purchaser’s deployment needs.

More information: Minnetonka Audio / SurCode for Dolby™ E