Pulsar Audio has announced the release of an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive EQ. Musical and intuitive, Pulsar Massive is a must-have equalizer for mixing and mastering.

The plugin deliver the original hardware’s fully parallel topology, passive equalization circuit with a creamy, non-linear and organic sound, and tube and transformer input, output, and internal gain stages.

Our software meticulously reproduces all these important aspects of the original hardware, but also offers an interface inspired by its ergonomics, which were much appreciated by its users.

But we’ve taken Pulsar Massive even further, adding all the key features you would expect from a modern, versatile EQ plugin, including visual curve editing for a fast workflow and a drive parameter to push the inductor and tube saturation stages harder for more vibe.

Pulsar Massive’s curve editor enables you to manipulate a very peculiar analog-shaped EQ curve in an intuitive way. The plugin includes a drive control to increase or decrease the distinctive and musical analog vibe of the original unit, Mid-Side processing, auto-gain, oversampling, 3 output transformer options, and on-screen metering and spectrum analyzer, all wrapped up in a smart, responsive and resizable interface.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, Pulsar Massive is on sale for the intro price of $89 USD / 89 EUR (regular 149 USD/EUR). A bundle of Massive and the Mu variable-bias compressor plugin is 199 USD/EUR instead of 249 USD/EUR during the promotion.

The offer is valid at the Pulsar Audio store and from distributor Plugin Boutique until June 26th, 2022.

You can try Pulsar Massive with a free trial version.