Pulsar Audio has announced an update to its complete range of audio plugins, bringing new graphics rendering and various other improvements and fixes to Echorec, Mu, Smasher, 1179 and Massive.

Our plug-ins previously relied on OpenGL for graphics rendering. However, display problems were reported due to compatibility issues with some specific graphics drivers. To solve this, we have developed a new graphics rendering system that uses the best available graphics features, such as Direct3D, Vulkan, or OpenGL, improving compatibility and optimizing resources.

In addition, we have also fixed some major bugs on macOS: a crash on Pro Tools on ARM systems and a scanning problem in Audio Unit on Final Cut.

Changes in the update

  • Updated the graphic rendering engine uses Metal, Vulkan or Direct3D when available.
  • Fixed the problem of a half-sample delay when oversampling is active.
  • Added support for the ARM64 architecture in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed AU validation in Final Cut Pro.
  • Fixed 32-bit VST2 support on Windows.
  • Fixed compatibility with macOS 10.9 and other enhancements.
  • Fixed a crash on some old i7 CPUs.
  • Fixed various visual glitches.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the “Preset Modified” indicator in the toolbar when some parameters are locked.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the GUI while reading automation in VST3.
  • Oversampling is now saved in preferences.
  • Fixed some macOS installers not installing the user manuals.
  • Synchronized the plug-ins internal bypass with the DAW’s bypass in VST2.
  • Fixed GUI size not being recalled correctly in Cubase when creating a new instance on high resolution monitors.
  • Improved the user manuals.
  • [Pulsar Massive] Fixed the band solo feature.
  • [Pulsar Massive] Fixed image preload issues.
  • [Pulsar 1178] Fixed L/R audio mismatch in all-buttons-in mode.
  • [Pulsar Mu] The “Disable static noise” option now also removes PSU noise.

The updated plugins are now available to download. New users can purchase Pulsar Audio’s plugins at distributor Plugin Boutique and from the Pulsar Audio store.