Pulse Audio has launched a Spring Sale with discounts of up to 50% off on a range of Kontakt instrument libraries for the next few days.

The promotion includes:

  • 30% off The Amazonic including AMA I – Composer Edition (now $139).
  • 20% off all Sonora Cinematic libraries including Poiesis Cello (now $87 instead of $109), Dronar Live Strings Module (now $55).
  • 35% off Deep Blue by Dark Intervals (now $45).
  • 50% off Hagai Davidoff including ZoneMatrix (now $40 instead of $80) and NoteMatrix 2 (now $15 instead of $30).
  • Over 30% off all Fallout Music libraries including Sonar Trailer Pings (now $41), Steampunk (now $62), Unstrung (now $69) and more.
  • 20% off all Impact Soundworks including Hammer Klavier (now $49) Javanese Gamelan (now $79) Kageyama Taikos (now $71), Modern Harpejji (now $63) and more.
  • 30% off all Riot Audio including Bowed Glass Clouds (now $20), Baritone Guitar Washes (now $41) and more.
  • 40% off all Audiofier including Ekorain (now $35), Pragmabeat (now $39) and more.
  • 40% off all Production Voices including 300 Grand Compact (now $59) and more.

Other offers include products from Fingerprint Audio Production, Red Room Audio, Alex Pfeffer and Rhythmic Robot.

The sale runs until the April 3rd, 2022. Every purchase also comes with 5% in store credit for your next purchase.

More information: Pulse Audio