Puremagnetik HarvestPak

Puremagnetik has announced the release of 3 Free Sound Sets and HarvestPak, a collection of patches programmed from The Harvestman synthesizer modules.

Puremagnetik has just added 3 free new instruments to their PakBytes library. PakBytes are quick downloads that include handpicked instruments from Puremagnetik’s Micropak catalog. They are available in Ableton Live, Logic and Kontakt formats.

New Puremagnetik PakBytes

  • HarvestPak – a collection of patches programmed from The Harvestman synthesizer modules.
  • HackShop – a glitchy collection of basses, pads and percussion elements sampled from circuit bent toys and drum machines.
  • Artifact – a library of sounds created from digital anomalies and malfunctions.

PakBytes are free to download and require only a valid email address by registering with Puremagnetik.

Puremagnetik has also released HarvestPak, The Sounds of The Harvestman.

To celebrate the fall season, Puremagnetik has just released HarvestPak – a comprehensive library built from The Harvestman synthesizer modules. HarvestPak comes loaded with 34 multisampled instruments that explore the unique character of The Harvestman analog/digital hybrid machines. HarvestPak is available in Live 8, Kontakt 3/4 and Logic 8/9 formats. It includes a unique assortment of bass, atmospheric, percussive, lead, “chaotic” and keyboard programs.

HarvestPak features

  • 34 multisampled instruments sourced directly from Harvestman synthesizer modules.
  • A library of basses, leads, keys, percussives, pads and “chaotic” patches.
  • Over 500 expertly recorded 48k 24-bit samples.
  • Completely integrated Ableton Live effects racks with advanced Macro mapping.
  • Native Kontakt effects and custom KSP GUI for easy editing.

The HarvestPak is now available to download for Puremagnetik subscribers.

More information: Puremagnetik / HarvestPak