Puremagnetik Big Bertha

Puremagnetik has released Big Bertha, a full featured, high quality multisampled electric bass instrument and a collection of over 60 deep and funky looped clips.

Big Bertha features

  • 24-bit samples and looped clips of a custom built 6-string Maillet electric bass with a classic, deep and funky tone, recorded through both a Jensen transformer and an original tube buffered AMB DI.
  • Includes detailed multilayered velocity sampling of every note across 3 octaves and a library of over 60 looped clips played in various styles and tempos. The loop library includes funk, rock, RnB, fusion and many other stylings.
  • Customized for Ableton Live, any Live user can take advantage of these high quality multisamples. Both FingerBass and SlapnPop programs come loaded with amplifier effects and 16 Macros for easy editing right out of the box!
  • Customized for Kontakt, loaded with effects and custom KSP GUI for instant tweaking. The included audio loop library contains over 60 raw looped waveforms that load instantly into Kontakt or a DAW of your choice.

Visit Puremagnetik for more information and audio demos.