Sonoris Audio Engineering Dither

Sonoris Audio Engineering has released Dither, a professional, high quality audio plugin for mastering purposes.

With this plugin you can quantize audio to a lower bitdepth with dither and/or noiseshaping. The dithertype is selectable between TPDF and High Pass (HP) TPDF. TPDF is short for Triangular Probability Densitity Function, a form of dither that eliminates non-linear distortion during re-quantization and has no signal modulation artifacts.

Dither features

  • 2 dither types: TPDF (Triangular Probability Densitity Function), HighPass TPDF.
  • 3 noiseshaping curves: curve A: 5th order, curve B,C: 9th order.
  • Dither and noiseshaping independent adjustable.
  • Dither is generated in assembly language.
  • Quantization to 20 or 16 bit.
  • Full automation possible.
  • Low CPU load.
  • Settings can be saved.
  • 64 bit integer math throughout the signal path, except for the noiseshaping filters.

Sonoris Dither is availabe as a VST plug-in for Windows and Mac for $75 USD.

Visit Sonoris Audio Engineering for more information.