Puremagnetik Microtron Tape 2

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Microtron Tape 2, a collection of sampled instruments for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic.

This second edition to the Microtron series includes even more classic sounds! Microtron Tape 2 comes with the legendary Mark II Flute (think Beatles), melancholy Cello and the woody Octave Recorders.

Microtron Tape 2 features

  • MK II Flute — Undoubtedly the sound that defines Mellotron, the MKII flute instantly conjures images of 1967 Abbey Road. Not only the most famous Mellotron sound, but perhaps the eeriest, the MKII flute’s dubious pitching has been in question throughout the decades. The change in timbre (they say two flutes were used) and odd intonation only adds to the haunting and mesmerizing character of this timeless sound.
  • Octave Recorders — The Octave Recorder is a newer sound composed of soprano, alto and tenor recorders. Playing fast staccato chords on this one can make it sound a bit like a harmonium. It has a solid woody tone with breathy articulations and is definitely a contender to fill up the mix with some organic elements.
  • Cello — Renown for its melancholy timbre and described by some as “wheezing and groaning” the Cello sound was originally recorded in the 1960s. A double bassist was used for the lower registers. Apparently the original session cellist did not wish to detune his cello for fear of damaging the instrument. Nonetheless, the Mellotron Cello recording is undoubtedly a unique character in the tape library.

Microtron Tape 2 is available for subscribers in Ableton Live, NI Kontakt, and Logic EXS formats. Subscriptions start at $5.75 USD.

More information: Puremagnetik