Puremagnetik PM Grand

Puremagnetik has announced the release of PM Grand, a multi-sampled Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano.

This Micropak contains a collection of 9 advanced instruments and 50 looped clips of various styles. The included instruments contain multi-sampled programs with release and sustain tones, a “lite” version with a much smaller footprint, a reverse piano, an infinite sustained piano and several electrified tones.

PM Grand features

  • Recording Specifications
    • Piano Type: Yamaha C3 6’1″ Conservatory Grand.
    • Microphones: Combination of a close pair of Neumann KM 84s in an XY configuration, along with a spaced pair of Earthworks omnidirectional mics. All mics recorded through a True Systems Precision 8 mic pre.
  • Programming Specifications
    • 3 velocity zones on each of 88 keys.
    • Key Release sounds for realistic mechanical nuances.
    • “Sustain Leakage” has captured the sound of all strings resonating when the sustain pedal is activated.
  • Note: Requires Ableton Live 7, Kontakt 3.5 or Logic 8.

PM Grand is available to download for Puremagnetik subscribers. Subscriptions start at $5.75 USD per month.

More information: Puremagnetik / PM Grand