Acustica Audio has launched the Purple Bundle, a collection of two equalizer effect plugins: Purple M-5 and Purple P-1.

Purple Bundle contains two unique EQ-Plugins to give you an incredible colours in your studio, mostly for mixing! All plugins use our improved innovative technology Acqua that will empower you to achieve amazing results with only a few simple touches.

Acustica Audio Purple M-5

Use the Purple M-5 midrange equalizer to fine-tune this crucial frequency range in your mixes, while injecting unmistakable vintage vibe. The M5 exists for everything between 200Hz and 7kHz. That’s where your vocal tracks are most vibrant, where your guitars have girth and body, and where mixes can either shine or fall flat. In classic vintage EQ fashion, you get two bands of midrange boost and one attenuation band… All you need to add amazing mojo to any track with the PurpleM5 midrange equalizer.

Acustica Audio Purple P-1

Purple P-1 a legendary tube EQ plug-in, that can give your tracks the massive bass, silky air, and addictive warmth that made this a studio standard. Some say that it sounds like magic, its well thought out features can make any audio sound richer.

The two-band design basically gives you flexible low shelving, along with broad-bandwidth midrange peak control. Because the boost and attenuate controls work independently you can use “the trick” to add weight to the bass region while also notching a bit above the cutoff point, by boosting and attenuating at the same time (try it on kick drum and you’ll never look back). On the high-frequencies, you can set separate ranges for the boost and attenuation. Using this technique, you can boost at 12kHz and cut at 5k, adding “air” to a track without increasing presence.

Purple M-5 is available for purchase for 99 EUR; Purple P-1 is 119 EUR. The Purple Bundle costs 194.20 EUR. The plugins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

More information: Acustica Audio