Quiet Art Wave Rider 2

Quiet Art has released version 2 of Wave Rider, a plugin that detects audio signal levels on the inserted channel, and applies Pro Tools fader movements as needed.

Wave Rider is an RTAS plugin. It is a virtual fader controller utility that applies intelligent volume adjustments to the Pro Tools faders to maintain consistent levels, and perform ducking, gating, and automatic mixing duties. It has a vast use in audio post production as well as music recordings.

After almost 2 years since its release, Wave Rider is now available with version 2, with more features.

Changes in Wave Rider 2

  • New averaging mode during Ride function which puts Wave Rider into a 500ms look ahead mode. The resulting gain riding is much more subtler and smoother than the classic mode. This mode is recommended for situations where real time operation is not required. Classic mode is also smoothed with some adjustments.
  • Controls for variable attack and release times for Ducking, and release time for Parking mode. Ducking mode is also improved with ducking range ability to go from 0 db.
  • UI overhaul, channel names update, new default output level (-20dbfs), and the removal of automatable parameters.
  • Wave Rider is now listed under Dynamic type in the Pro Tools plugin listing.

Wave Rider for Mac (RTAS) is available to purchase for $129 USD (includes sales tax where applicable). An upgrade from v1 is available for $25 USD.

More information: Wave Rider