QuikQuak BarChimes

QuikQuak has announced the release of BarChimes v0.10, a free pre-release of a new instrument plug-in.

It’s an accurate physics simulation of a set of Bar Chimes, which includes collisions, slides and multi-chain hits of 36 semi-tone tuned bars. Use the Natural (or White) MIDI notes to sweep up the chimes – C3 to C8.

The start and direction of sweep, combined with speed are the main contributors to the output of the chimes – it’s not about hitting individual notes.

BarChimes v0.10 features

  • A detailed 36 bar physics simulation.
  • Collisions, gravity and audio accurately portrayed.
  • Photo-realistic 3D representation.
  • Velocity and sweep analysis simulates movement through the chimes.
  • Highly optimised.

The final release will feature parameter controls, alternate layouts, gravity, material and audio tone, and pitch controls.

The pre-release is currently available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC (final version will also be available for Mac).

More information: QuikQuak