Rast Sound has announced the release of the Generative Collection 3.0 bundle, which includes the new Motif generative music assistant plugin and the Cinescapes Pro 2 and RIG engines for Kontakt.

Motif is designed to help you create unique ideas and melodies, build progressions on the go for selected key, scale and emotion empowered by a state-of-the-art possibility algorithm. You can drag the results to MIDI to use with your ready to go sounds.

Cinescapes Pro 2 for Kontakt lets you select an emotion and key, and the engine will create an ever evolving ambient music from endless possibilities.

Rig is a rhythmic pattern maker for Kontakt fueled by a smart possibility algorithm, a wealth of percussive sounds and dual length controls to help create unique long patterns with natural variety.

Generative Collection 3.0 is on sale for the intro price of 149 EUR until October 19th, 2022 (regular total value 247 EUR). Owners of Generative Collection 2 or Generative Collection can upgrade for 39 EUR and 59 EUR, respectively.

More information: Rast Sound