Raw Loops Brooklyn Underground

Raw Loops has released Brooklyn Underground, a sample pack faturing 650+ MBs of pure analog beats, bass, synths, percs, tops, & more.

Focused on the after-hours dark room vibe the region is known for, Brooklyn Underground represents the sound directly from the hottest New York City Borough and was created in a completely Analog Bushwick basement.

Brooklyn Underground features

  • 26 Bass Loops – super-low rumbling bass samples from hooks to rhythmic cuts.
  • 25 Music Loops – trippy leads and obscure melodic synth loops.
  • 62 Beat Loops – thumping track starters and inspiring propositions.
  • 28 Percussive Loops – analog percussion parts, tweaked and primed for the dance floor.
  • 40 RAW_Kicks – speaker knockin’ deep analog kick samples.
  • 63 Tops Loops – crisp and crunchy hihat, snare, & clap loops to layer and create whipping beats.
  • 9 Vox – untamed vocal loops for added organic hints.
  • All Loops are 24 bit wavs, 125 bpm.
  • 253 Total Loops, 656.7 MB content.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $26.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / Brooklyn Underground