Expressive Synths 2 by Raw Loops is a new sample pack that features a collection of 180 synth sounds.

180 Super Underground Synth Lead, Bass, Percussive, & Pad Loops. Our follow-up to the smashing Expressive Synths 1, part 2 takes sound design to another level with some extremely unique synth sounds & melodies.

These samples can be used in loop format or if you are just looking for the sounds, simply drag and drop the loops in your favorite sampler tweak the start time until you find the hit you want to grab and play it as if you have the analog gear directly in front of you!

Expressive Synths 2 features

  • Synth Bass – 52 low end synth sub shakers, from melodic bass to rhythmic bass.
  • Synth Leads – 105 dark synth leads from bending to breaking, and frozen to liquid.
  • Synth Percussion – 12 thick synth percussion warpers.
  • Synth Pads – 11 pad chord progressions for proper background texturing.
  • Total of 180 loops (16-bit) at 124 bpm, 908MB content.

The Expressive Synths 2 pack is available for purchase for $23.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops