Re-Compose has announced the release of Spexx, the audio effect plugin that is designed to create a unique sound.

Based on a spectral freeze, the Spexx audio effects plugin features two processing stages and seven individual effects powering unique spectral transformations. It is fully modular and highly interactive.

Spexx consists of two processing stages: A freeze stage captures and accumulates the incoming sound, applying the audio effects to the captured sound continuously, causing the output signal to change over time – like the reverb tail of an echo – plus an output stage which applies a user-defined spectral operation to the signal. Bypass the freeze stage entirely to apply the output effects directly to the incoming sound.

Two categories of audio effects for the shaping of all kinds of effects: Focus, Feaze, Decay, Damping for the creation of unusual, beautifully sounding reverbs. Mirror, Pitch, Slope to generate experimental spectral distortions. Any combination of these is possible for other unique soundscapes.

The user interface of Spexx has been built in a modular fashion: Drag an individual effect into the desired position in the processing chain to define the signal manipulation. Set an effect to “active” to apply it to that processing stage. Or turn it “inactive” for the signal to remain unaffected.

Spexx is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at $79 USD. Until January 11th 2019, owners of any Re-Compose product can crossgrade for Spexx for only $29 USD.

More information: Re-Compose