RealiTone has released version 2.1 of Realivox Ladies, a vocal sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We’ve updated the Realivox Ladies to 2.1. A lot of people want the old graphics back, so that’s now an option (on the Settings page). So you have a choice between:

Realivox Ladies TwoGraphics

We also made it so when you click on the virtual keyboard (on the main page), it selects that keyswitch. Admittedly, it should have always worked that way, but until a couple mentioned it, I hadn’t thought of it.

For bug fixes. the ending consonants now work consistently, and we fixed a bug with the variable legato speed, as well as the pan knob scaling.

Oh, and we added a Breaths instrument. Now the Ladies can finally breathe!

Realivox Ladies Breaths

Realivox Ladies is available for purchase for Kontakt and Kontakt Player at introductory prices, starting at $139 USD for the Lite version.

More information: RealiTone