RealLiveLoops Volume 2

RealLiveLoops has released RealLiveLoops Volume 2, a collection of 1500+ high quality live drum loops performed in various styles, including rock, pop, funk and hip-hop.

RealLiveLoops Volume 2 features

  • Over 1500 live drum loops and fills (700Mb).
  • Tempos ranging from 75bpm-135bpm.
  • Each drum beat and fill included in 2 forms: dry (unprocessed) and wet (high quality digital reverb applied).
  • Each drum loop and drum fill recorded with exactly the same drum sounds to enable any combination of loops and fills to be used in a particular song.
  • Over 100Mb of drum fills from 1-8 beats in length.
  • Over 50Mb of drum multisamples at a variety of velocities for use in samplers.
  • Drum loops in 16-bit acidized WAV format, compatible with all leading audio sequencers and samplers [Fruity Loops, Acid, Reason, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, ProTools etc.]

RealLiveLoops Volume 2 is as a download £14.95 GBP, or on CD-Rom for £19.95 GBP (includes worldwide shipping).

Visit RealLiveLoops for more information and audio samples.