Reason Studios has announced the release of Algoritm, an instrument for the Reason Rack that brings the shimmering bells, angry bass, apocalyptic noise and dreamy pads of FM synthesis to your Reason Rack.

With nine operator slots that you can connect any way you want, Algoritm takes FM synthesis to a new level.

Classic FM operators are at the heart of Algoritm, but each slot can also house a wavetable oscillator, shaper, or filter for a wealth of both familiar and new sounds.

Reason Studios Algoritm

The instrument is designed to make it fun and easy to explore the world of FM, a type of synthesis known for being unapproachable and obtuse for anyone but the most invested.

Algoritm features

  • Nine operator slots each configurable as an FM operator, wavetable oscillator, multi-mode filter, or shaper.
  • Freely connect the operator slots to create your algorithms.
  • Create both classic FM sounds and brand new hybrid tones.
  • Randomizer function to morph any patch into new sounds.
  • Expansive set of modulation sources and effects.
  • Over 250 patches to fuel new songs.

The synth is now included at no extra cost in the Reason+ subscription, which you can try free for 30 days. Algoritm is also available to purchase separately for Reason 10 or later, priced 109 EUR.

More information: Reason Studios