reFX HandsUp Leads Vol.1 & Rauschwerk 2

reFX has announced the release of HandsUp Leads Vol.1 and Rauschwerk 2, two new expansions for rompler synthesizer Nexus2.

New Nexus2 expansions

  • HandsUp Leads Vol.1 – Finally, the definitive collection of HandsUp leads: 128 explosive presets ranging from the classic to the cutting-edge. HandsUp heavyweight Tobias Meyer delivers everything you need to get the sound of the era.
  • Rauschwerk 2 – Rauschwerk delivers another volume of the deepest, most authentic electro sounds available anywhere. Sampled from the cult machines of the past two decades, this is a must-have collection for all synth addicts.

HandsUp Leads Vol.1 and Rauschwerk 2 are available to purchase for 69.99 EUR each.

More information: reFX / HandsUp Leads Vol.1 and Rauschwerk 2