The Loop Loft The Bob Reynolds Collection ReFill

The Loop Loft World Percussion Loops Vol 1 ReFill

The Loop Loft has announced the release of Reason 5 ReFill versions of The Bob Reynolds Collection and World Percussion Loops Vol 1.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the über-cool Swedish software company, Propellerhead, to produce the first official batch of ReFills for Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

These ReFills are loaded full of REX2 loops, as well as customized patches for the amazing Dr. Octo Rex and Kong. You can download the ReFills directly from Propellerhead’s website, as well as The Loop Loft.

The Loop Loft ReFills

  • The Bob Reynolds Collection – Recorded over the course of several days in a Los Angeles studio, The Loop Loft worked directly with acclaimed saxophonist Bob Reynolds to produce 13 complete sessions of high quality sax recordings that have been specifically tailored for use inside of Reason 5 and Record 1.5.
  • World Percussion Loops Vol 1 – Produced specifically for Reason 5, World Percussion Vol 1 is the first ReFill from The Loop Loft consisting entirely of ethnic hand percussion. With pristinely recorded loops and samples (24-bit, 48 khz audio) ranging from West African udu drums and shakers, to North Indian frame drums, to Afro-Peruvian cajóns, the World Percussion collection provides an eclectic library of highly authentic sounds and grooves from all over the world. Containing custom patches for The Dr Octo Rex player and Kong, this ReFill leverages the latest and greatest features found in Reason 5, putting the loops and samples at your fingertips in a way that was never before possible.

The Bob Reynolds Collection and World Percussion Loops Vol 1 Reason 5 ReFills are now available to purchase for respectively $39 USD and $29 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft