reFX NEXUS 2.0

reFX has released version 2.0.5 of NEXUS2, a next generation ROM synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Changes in NEXUS2 v2.0.5

  • EQ frequencies were scaled wrongly, so some presets will sound different now. The way they sound now is the intended way. This bug was new since NEXUS 2.0.0.
  • Arp- and Trancegate-pattern editors had some precision issues, especially when the length of the pattern was odd.
  • Arp-Mode ‘random’ was not playing the held keys randomly, but in order.
  • LFO-shape ‘chaos’ was not creating random values.

reFX also released two new expansions for Nexus2.

Bigtone Signature 2
Experts know what to expect: 128 impressive, atmospheric synth sounds. Breathtaking, endlessly moving pads; warm analog basses – BigTone2 has arrived!
All preset use the modwheel for modulation. Most of the time the aftertouch and pitch-bend wheel are also used, so experiment.

A well-known name in Electro scene. This signature expansion by Rauschwerk supplies you with 128 electronic sounds in perfection. Electro and Space/Pop – it’ll work perfectly for you.

Bigtone Signature 2 and Raschwerk are available for 69.99 EUR / 79.99 USD each.

Visit reFX for more information.