Okay, so I always wanted to do a simple “Georgia” (the font, not the state) based design.

I guess it was A List Apart that got me excited about Georgia a while ago, and now recently even Boing Boing went Georgia. How could I resist joining the revolution? Georgia is going to be the new Verdana! (no wait a minute, Zeldman already said that back in 2002…)

Anyway, what better time to actually do it than a day or so before you go on vacation?

I’m sure there will be some odd things here and there, which I will try to fix tomorrow. In the meantime feel free to let me know if you find something I broke (and don’t tell me I broke the colors!).

P.s. I removed some AdSense. It’s not like I’m getting rich any time soon from these ads, but the big list in the sidebar did start to annoy me so I got rid of it.