Expanding on its dedication to expanding artistic opportunity, AlphaTheta Corporation’s Pioneer DJ brand has introduced version 6.6.4 of its rekordbox software for Mac and Windows.

The updated software features support for the all-new streaming service from bpm supreme, and Cloud Analysis capabilities for quick track analysis.

bpm supreme Support: Freely Mix Music

With newfound bpm supreme support, rekordbox artists can play an unlimited number of high-quality tracks from the millions available in the bpm supreme’s expansive track catalog. From new releases and pre-made playlists to exclusive songs – artists can add tracks to their rekordbox playlists and perform with them using Hot Cues, loops and Beat Jumps. bpm supreme is the latest streaming service to carry rekordbox support. Other supported streaming platforms include SoundCloud, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource Streaming and TIDAL.

To use bpm supreme tracks in rekordbox Performance mode (available for free when controlled via a computer), artists will need an active bpm supreme subscription. New users can get 1-month free trial.

All-New Cloud Analysis: Quickly Analyze New Tracks

Artists can analyze tracks much quicker with the new Cloud Analysis feature. When artists load a new song in the latest version of the software and the Cloud Analysis feature is turned on, rekordbox automatically gauges whether or not the track has been analyzed before in another DJ’s setup.

If rekordbox detects previous track analysis, the data, including waveform, BPM, beat grid and vocal position, transfers to the rekordbox library. If the track lacks previous analysis, rekordbox will analyze the track as usual and then send the data to its servers where it’ll be stored permanently – ready to help other DJs. Cloud Analysis works with tracks stored on an artist’s hard drive and tracks from streaming services.

Rekordbox version 6.6.4 will be available this summer.

More information: Rekordbox