Renoise 2.0

Version 2.0 of the mod tracker Renoise has been released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Renoise 2.0 is a complete music production environment with support for FX and instrument plug-ins, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi-core load balancing, MIDI i/o, audio recording, flexible audio output, parameter automation, and much more.

With over four months of exhaustive testing behind it, Renoise 2.0 incorporates a massive engine overhaul, hundreds of improvements, and rock solid stability.

New in Renoise 2.0

  • Automatic Plug-in Delay Compensation, which allows you to sync external equipment as well.
  • A new timing model that separates tempo and resolution.
  • Increased event resolution of up to an insane 4096 PPQ.
  • The ability to shift a track back and forth in time.
  • A new dedicated column to delay an event with a resolution of 1/256th of a line.
  • Support for Audio Units.
  • Support for plug-ins with multiple outputs.
  • Lots more…

Renoise 2.0 is now available for 39 EUR (a 20% discount, valid until January 25th). This promo also includes a free exclusive sample kit of over 100 MB.

Visit the Renoise website for more information.