Renoise v1.5.2

Renoise v1.5.2 has been released with small fixes and improved stability for both platforms (Windows and Mac OSX).


  • Changed MIDI Program Change behaviour: When modifying parameters of a MIDI instrument, Renoise will no longer resend program changes to all the other MIDI instruments, but only to the altered one
  • OS X: Improved VST window handling: VST editor windows should now require less CPU – various drawing / resize incompatibilities were fixed


  • Windows: Fixed possible random crashes when deleting a VST or native DSP device by clicking on the small “X” button in the DSP device
  • OS X: Fixed start-up problems, if Reoise was installed on a case sensitive file system
  • OS X: Fixed broken Apple menu in OSX 10.4.3 and higher
  • Fixed wrong import of 32 bit float AIFC and 24 bit files
  • Fixed broken Impulse Tracker import – songs with compressed samples should load correctly now
  • Fixed initialization problems with the Korg-M1 VSTi
  • Fixed distorted Audio output with the Normad Phaser VST
  • Fixed incorrectly bypassed *VSTiAutomationDevices: Parameter changes were sent to the VSTi even when the device was Bypassed

Renoise v1.5.2 is available for registered users and the demo version has been updated as well.
Check the Renoise website for more information.