digital black Raven eDrum

digital black has released Raven eDrum, a stand-alone software instrument, designed to serve as an addition, alternative, or replacement for an acoustic drum kit or percussion set.

It enables you to connect a number of trigger devices to your PC (via an ASIO audio interface), and play back an almost unlimited variety of extremely high quality sounds, with the convenience of a quiet, compact, flexible and more portable instrument.


  • Very fast, accurate, responsive triggering
  • Up to 16 pads or trigger devices – each with up to 8 multi sample split layers
  • Use any WAV sample files (8 to 32 bit, 8 to 192KHz) – a small library of 24 bit / 48KHz samples is included
  • Hat Mode with MIDI Controller
  • MIDI support – for use with other drum software and/or MIDI sequencers/DAWs

The current version of Raveb eDrum (v1.1) is available for download from digital black for the price of £75 GBP (approx 115 Euros / 135 USD).

For more information and a demo, visit digital black.