I am very happy to announce a new exclusive free sample pack by Carl of Plughugger. Repitch features a collection of sounds created with the Analog Rytm Mk I drum machine by Elektron.

The pack includes 19 analog bass sounds made with the DualVCO machine in the Analog Rytm, recorded with the Ensoniq EPS 16+ sampler in three variations. There’s the original with no processing from the Ensoniq, a repitched version using the Ensoniq, and a repitched version with additional effects from the Ensoniq.

The repitched versions use a trick that was used a lot back in the days when sampler memory was limited, which is to record the original sounds an octave higher and then playing them one octave lower. This gives the samples some special grit/character.

All sounds come in two variations:

The first variation is with the original tuning that is a bit experimental and slightly off. This is intentional and a part of the original sounds.

The second variation contains the same samples, but re-tuned to something more sensible. The tuning was done with Myriad and although the quality is high, sometimes there are unwanted artefacts.

Check the demo tracks below to get an idea of the sounds included in the pack.

The download includes two folders of one-shot Wav files in 16-bit/44.1kHz audio quality. All samples are 100% royalty free and truly original.

 Repitch for Rekkerd — Download size: 36.83 MB

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