Resonance Sound has released a new Melodic Elements series sample pack. Acid Bass Machines delivers a pristine collection of the finest analog and famous acid synthesizer sounds.

A precious selection of analog sequences, expertly processed with top-shelve analog gear – but of course including a dry version, too. Or how about you just fire up your favorite acid synth, throw the MIDI versions at it and make it something completely different? Keep on turning the knobs, create alive sequences and go tell an acidic story. This one’s not gonna corrode or bleach your previous equipment, it rather just gives your track the bite and special touch you are looking for. Forget lemons, this one’s the only acid you’ll ever need!

Each loop’s MIDI files are all included and available separately as well. The best option for anyone looking to create their own loops using different hardware or software tools. You have the most creative freedom with this. These distinctive loops can be modified to your preferences.

The loops have been created with the use of high-quality analog synthesizers like the legendary Black Cooperation Kijimi, MFB Dominion, and also the Behringer TD-3. Refined with classic hardware including Roland Space Echo RE-201, Moog MF-108 Cluster Flux, Sherman Filter Bank, Erica Synths Fusion Box, Electron Analog Heat, and a legion of Chase Bliss effect pedals.

Priced 24.95 EUR, the pack includes 100 loops and 100 MIDI files. Parts are also sold separately starting from 10.95 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound