Best Service has announced a free update to the recently released The Orchestra Complete 3 orchestral instrument library for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.

Version 3.0.2 greatly improves legato performance and fixes some bugs in the Ensemble Instrument.

Containing all three THE ORCHESTRA expansions, this third release is brimming with exciting possibility and power. Included are HORNS OF HELL, with its diabolic “evil brass” section, STRINGS OF WINTER, with a 41-piece string orchestra that captures the untamed spirit of nature, and WOODS OF THE WILD which re-invigorates the woodwinds to capture all that is evocative in their breath.

On top of these expansions comes the all-in-one package of the base orchestra, a top-quality-recorded 80-piece orchestra with a massive array of articulations and a groundbreaking ensemble engine that has been rebuilt and expanded upon. Never has it been easier to convert your ideas into music.

The Orchestra Complete 3 is priced 479 EUR at the Sonuscore shop and from Best Service. The update is free for owners of The Complete Orchestra 3.