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Retro Sampling releases 3 VST effects

Retro Sampling Audio Impurities VST v1.0

Retro Sampling has released Audio Impurities, Vinyl Dreams and RS Twisted Tube.

Audio Impurites VST v1.0 is a promo from the sample cd Audio Impurities by Retro Sampling. It’s sample based and will make your samples
or recordings sound a bit dirty and gritty with a real analogue noisefloor.

Retro Sampling Vinyl Dreams VST v1.0

Simularly Vinyl Dreams VST v1.0 is a promo from the sample cd Vinyl Dreams / Vinyl Dreams 2: Programmed Sessions and provides a dirty and vintage sound with real vinyl clicks and scratches.

Retro Sampling RS Twisted Tube v1.0

RS Twisted Tube v1.0 is a tube emulator with a different warm distorsion. The effect will make small alterations in the stereo panorama.

Visit Retro Sampling for more information and links to download these freeware VST effects.

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