recently sat down with S U R V I V E, whose members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are up for two Grammys this weekend, to jam on a selection of vintage and modern synthesizers.

The band uses a Prophet 5, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland Juno-6, and more to achieve a throwback sound reminiscent of John Carpenter.

Few would have predicted that a synth band with no vocals would achieve national prominence and see two of its members secure a Grammy nomination in this day and age, but the Austin, Texas synth quartet S U R V I V E has taken up that mantle.

The longtime underground favorite and Holodeck Records stalwart made waves last year when its members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein composed the score for the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things.

Using vintage synths and modern sensibilities to update the style of horror movie composers like John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi, the band turned a lot of viewers on to even eighth-note arpeggiator work and subtle filter fiddling.

We caught up with S U R V I V E shortly before Netflix announced the second season of Stranger Things. Lucky for us, we got to watch them jam on some vintage synthesizers and talk about the features they tweak to achieve a throwback sound that continues to haunt.

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