Reverb Machine releases Omni for Ableton Live (incl. free Omni Lite)


Reverb Machine has announced the release of Omni, a sampled Omnichord instrument for Ableton Live.

Reverb Machine Omnichord Strum Rack Ableton

Following up on the recent Drumtraks, this new instrument contains all the sounds of the classic Suzuki Omnichord and several sounds from the modern Q-Chord.

The original Omnichord OM27 was released in 1981, and was loved for it’s charming 8-bit sound and the ability to strum it like an auto-harp. Famous users include Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois, Gorillaz, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Jim James of Morning Jacket.

Although the strummed SonicStrings are the most utilised feature, the Omnichord also provides the player with organ-style chords, auto-bass patterns and drum loops, allowing the player to emulate the sound of a full band. There are many different ways of playing the Omnichord, and I’ve aimed to make this Ableton Live Pack as diverse as possible. I sampled my old, beaten up Omnichord OM36 and six sounds from my Suzuki Q-Chord. The strummed instruments mimic the Omnichord with complete accuracy, and allow you to create fully adjustable strummed arpeggios for use in your own music.

Omni features

  • 320 samples, 24bit WAV.
  • 7 strummed instruments with 7 chord types.
  • 7 keys instruments.
  • 10 auto-bass instruments.
  • 2 organ chord instruments.
  • drum loop instrument.
  • MIDI Strum Device to create your own strummed instruments using any sound you like.

Omni for Ableton 9.7 or later is available for $22 USD. It is also included in the Ableton Bundle and the Complete Bundle.

A free Omni Lite version includes all the major, minor and dominant 7th arpeggio strums from the OmniStrum Classic instrument.

More information: Reverb Machine

Reverb Machine OmniBass Disco

Reverb Machine OmniOrgan PF

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