One of Sample Magic’s latest offerings brings a collection of Hip Hop grooves, breaks, and jazzy melodics. The Dusty Hip-Hop sample pack includes are large collection of loops and one shots. Let’s take a closer look!

First up are the bass loops. With 50 different loops in various keys, this section is looking good. I’m not sure what source was used for recording these, but this bass sounds lovely. Great licks with some jazzy touch. Some of the loops have some fret and string noises, which adds to the vibe.

The samples have descriptive names and key and bpm info is included in the file name. All loops in this pack are 100bpm by the way, which is a pretty safe tempo for the downtempo, hip-hop, chillout type genre this pack targets.

A total of 50 full drum loops is included. These are really well produced, with a good range of different rhythms and sounds. There’s enough in every beat to keep interest without getting too busy, and there is a nice consistency across the whole section.

Each of the loops also comes with stemmed out sections so you can build the beats or even layer parts from different ones. Slice and dice, your sampler is your best friend with these! The same goes for the 25 percussion loops, which offer some extra shakers, bongo/conga/tabla, cymbals, top drum loops, and more to spice up your beats a bit.

Next up are the melodic loops. This batch of 34 samples includes funky guitars, dreamy piano, some horns, and more jazzy and dubbed out delay drenched flavors. MIDI is included for some of these as well.

In the music loops folder we find a collection of 27 construction kits type loops, with full compositions and accompanying stems. These musical ideas include bass, guitar, piano, keys, sax, trumpet and more. The loops are unique to the pack, so they’re not duplicated from the previous sections. Again, MIDI files are included for a large parts of the stems.

To add some more flavor, Sample Magic has also included a lovely collection of vocal chops and sound fx including organic textures, risers, soundscapes, hits & vinyl crackle, hum, hiss etc.

In total, Dusty Hip Hop includes nearly 600 loops. And on top of that there’s also hundreds of one shots, including over 220 drums (kicks, snares, hihats, rides, crashes, shakers, percussion, etc) and a collection of 20 bass sounds and 62 music shots.

Five drum kits are available in various sampler formats, and the melodic shots also come with Simpler and Sampler instruments for Ableton Live.

Dusty Hip-Hop costs £29.99 GBP. Various parts are also sold separately.

So what do I think?

This is one solid collection. Front to back, it’s all good!

The samples are all very well produced and the musicality is just dripping from this pack. Lovely bass loops, excellent drum breaks, flavorful melodics, useful one shots… Dusty Hip-Hop has everything you need to get your production going.

If you like what you’re hearing in the demo tracks, you should check definitely check out this release at Sample Magic or Splice Sounds. Get your sampler ready for some tasty sounds!