Goldbaby Tape Drum Machines Vol 2

Goldbaby Productions has released yet another collection of classic drum machine samples: Tape Drum Machines Vol 2.

The follow up to Tape Machines Vol 1. More classic drum machines given some tape love!

Tape Machines Vol 2 features

  • 10 Drum Machines: Linn Drum, CR-78, TR-626, DDR-30, Bohm, DR-55, RPM-40, RX-5, KPR-77 and the Synsonics Pro.
  • 3 Tape Machines: Ampex valve 1/2 inch 2 track, Otari MX5050 1/4 inch 2 track, and the Hitachi 3 head Cassette deck.
  • 1838 x 24 Bit drum samples.
  • Bonus: 36 x CR-78 Rex beats.

Tape Drum Machines Vol 2 is available as a wav pack for $24 USD, and for GURU and Battery 3 for $29 USD each.

So what do I think?

Sometimes less is more, but not so with Goldbaby’s sample libraries. Even if you have more drum samples than you’ll ever use, there’s always room for some extra Goldbaby goodness.

My favorites in this collection are the Bohm and Suzuki RPM-40 machines. The Bohm (the notes in the logo suggest it’s actually Böhm, which is quite likely since it’s a German machine) does some really raw and nasty stuff, while the RPM-40 has such a lovely lo-fi sound.

Go check out the sound demos on the Tape Drum Machines Vol 2 page and get your wallet ready, cause there’s a good chance you’re going to want these right away!

More information: Goldbaby Productions