Industrial Strength Records has released a number of sound fx sample libraries in the recent months. One that caught my attention was Sweep.

Sweep was produced by sound designer Dave Flores to give you a large selection of sweep, wind and moving effects to complement our Climb, Drop, Effected and Bomb sample packs.

Dave Flores has produced a number of great ISR packs such as Drop, Broken Rules, Effected and the Audio Injection collection. His goal was to create a multipurpose effects pack with long lasting appeal.

Sweep includes a total of 100 audio samples. Swooshes, LFO wobble, drive-by fx, robotic & alien alarm type sounds… I don’t really know how to describe these samples but I think you’ll get the idea by listening to the audio demo on the product page.

Besides the audio files, Sweep also offers 30 patches for both FM8 and Massive (so 60 in total). I don’t have FM8 so I only checked the Massive patches. They are just like the audio files, but obviously you get the added value of being able to change the sounds. You can do things like changing the white noise color, filter settings, envelope/LFOs, automate parameters to fit your project… Good stuff!

Also included is almost 100 MB of free demo sounds from other ISR sample packs (BHK Massive, Climb, Drop, Effected and BHK FX).

The Sweep sample library is available from Loopmasters for £17.95 GBP.

So what do I think?

Product: Sweep by Industrial Strength
Format: 24-bit .wav + FM8 & Massive patches
Price: £17.95 GBP
Like: Good quality & variety of sweep fx, patches included
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

This sample pack is just what it says on the package: “a large selection of sweep, wind and moving effects”. David Flores designed some outstanding sounds.

While there are quite a few similar sounding sweeps, I would categorize few redundant. Some sound familiar, some very unique. Nothing bland really. Great for adding tension to your work, or for creating transitions. I am quite impressed by the variety of sounds David managed to come up with. Massive and/or FM8 users will be pleased with the included patches, which bring more flexibility.

If you’re looking for this specific sound effect, Sweep is one library not to be missed.

More information: Industrial Strength Records Sweep