MaxSynths Cryologic

MaxSynths recently released Cryologic, a soundfont library and a soundfont player.

From the manual:

Based on the same logical structure of Cryogenic, Cryologic is a soundfont library and a soundfont player very simple and easy to understand. The Soundfont Oscillators allows to layer up to three sounds with separate control for level, pan, and octave for each osc. The filter is a classic state variable filter tweakable also via the X-Y controller. The two arpeggiators are a powerful feature which allows to create interesting patches, complex automatic bass lines, chord accompaniment and complex textures. The onboard reverb, delay and an internal ring modulator effect provides the final touch to this little yet powerful music production tool.

Cryologic comes with a 456 MB soundfont library featuring 74 soundfont files. It is available for purchase for 30 EUR (includes worldwide shipping).

Note: The Cryologic soundfont player was done in SynthEdit, so it is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC.

So what do I think?

Who needs another soundfont player? There are lots of freeware players available for Windows PC (Fretted Synth SaFron, Terry West Take1, etc.), so the Cryologic soundfont player needs to add something to be of value… and it does. The 3 soundfont slots allowing you to mix soundfonts, the arps, effect units… I haven’t found any free players that combine all these things. That said, it is not likely you’re looking to spend 30 EUR on a soundfont player, so the main thing here are the actual soundfonts.

Cryologic includes a number of traditional instruments like brass, keys, flute and bass, and some electronic sounds of synths, leads, pads and such. I don’t know what sound sources were used to create these soundfonts, but to me they sound a bit dated. Depending on what type of music you like, that could be a good thing or not. Trance addicts probably don’t need to bother, but if you think the best music in the world is 80’s pop you might want to check Cryologic.

There are some 60 demo clips available on the Cryologic product page, so go have a listen to these sound previews to see what you think.

Visit MaxSynths for more information.