Morevox RetròVerb

Do you ever use convolution reverb? If so you might be interested in Morevox RetròVerb, a collection of reverb impulse responses for use in your favorite convolution reverb software.

Morevox RetròVerb is designed to create Warm Vintage Reverberations joined to the Clear Deep Digital Sound. It contains exclusive Real Spaces Reverbs IRs , Real Vintage Plates IRs, Vintage Reverberation Units IRs and Custom Made Morevox IRs.

The recently releases RetròVerb 2.0 adds 3 new impulse response categories and 125 IRs, bringing the total amount of IRs in this library to 250 (24bit/44.1Khz).

RetròVerb 2.0 categories

  • Halls, 30 Real Halls and Churches plus some mixed IRs.
  • Rooms &Amp; Chambers, 30 Plates from EMT140 and mixed from the most popular Hardware.
  • Plates, a large selection (40) of hi definition Rooms and Chambers (Real and Hardware).
  • Large Spaces, a collection of 25 real venues and mixed hardware IRs with great deepness and stereo width.
  • Surround, 50 Surround IRs (4.0/5.0) subdivided into Halls/Plates/Rooms ideal for Post Production and Music.
  • Classic Drive, 50 exclusive IRs subdivided into Halls/Plates/Rooms sampled to ReelTape for an unparallelled Solid Low end/Rich Mids/Creamy Hi end IRs Sound.
  • Combo-Amb, 25 explosive ambiences and combo delayed ambiences designed to create “in your face” vox sound and aggressive guitars.

RetròVerb is designed for Digidesign’s TL Space but is fully compatible with all convolution reverb plug-ins (i.e. Altiverb, Space Designer).

Morevox RetròVerb 2.0 is available for $79 USD. A free edition including 8 fully working IRs is available for download.

So what do I think?

Morevox’s sound designer Sabino Cannone knows what he is doing. These impulse responses are really great, superb quality.

The collection covers a lot of ground and although each category has a lot of great impulses, my favorite one is the “Large Spaces”.

RetròVerb in SIR2

The beautiful reverbs of Large Spaces are so compelling I want to use them on everything!

The only thing that slightly disappointed me were the images in the sample folders. I expected to see some of the places sampled and gear used (like with the free Groville IRs), but the images just had the Morevox van on them. This doesn’t exactly make the IRs sound bad or anything, but it would’ve been nice to see what you’re listening too.

Anyway, you can have a listen at the demos on the MoReVox website to get an idea of the quality of this IR library, or better, download some of the free Impulse Responses available from the Morevox website and try them for yourself.

More information: Morevox / RetròVerb