Simon Stockhausen of Patchpool is a rather prolific sound designer, releasing sound libraries faster than I can check them.

After previously briefly browsing some of the sounds of TripleX – and already ending up using it in one of my tunes, I finally had a chance to take a closer look at this soundset for Tone2’s ElectraX software synthesizer.

TripleX comes with 102 patches and 30 variations in 6 categories:

  • Arps/Sequences: 20 + 8 variations
  • Instruments: 9 + 2 variations
  • Pads/Synths: 23 + 7 variations
  • Percussion: 9 + 6 variations
  • Sci-Fi: 17
  • Soundscapes: 24 + 7 variations

ElectraX includes custom sample and waveform import, a feature used extensively in the TripleX set.

Many sounds are sample based utilizing samples especially produced for this Bank, also making use of a split-stereo workaround so that there are true stereo samples involved. You’ll find sampled Saxophones, Flutes, Kalimba, electronic and vocal textures and lots more, often modulating VA Oscillators with those samples via FM, a unique ElectraX feature yielding very interesting results. Quite a few resynthed waveforms are incorporated as well expanding the sonic palette even more.

The sample content used in this soundset is close to 200 MB, making many of the patches truly unique. The patches generally use a good amount of effects and modulation, creating patches that sound like complete musical pieces. The overall feel of TripleX is rather cinematic.

And as if the sounds aren’t expressive enough, the patches have the Modwheel assigned to things like filter, ringmod, FM, LFO, etc., and many also use Aftertouch for even more dynamic playing.

Simon has created a bunch of demo tracks for TripleX that showcase the patches in this set rather well. Check out these amazing sounds, done with TripleX/ElectraX only!

So what do I think?

Product: TripleX by Patchpool
Format: ElectraX patches + samples
Price: 28 EUR
Like: Unique sounds, very musical
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

TripleX is a beautiful combination of unique sample material, advanced synthesis and good use of effects. Pretty much every patch sets a mood, inspires, and invites you to play and get lost in it.

I started noting down some of my favorite sounds but I ended up putting nearly every patch on the list. The set is a proper treasure for musicians/composers looking for cinematic sounds.

With TripleX, Simon Stockhausen once again brings decades of experience to the table – as a musician, composer, arranger and sound designer, crafting a wonderfully musical collection of sounds for ElectraX.

More information: Patchpool / TripleX