Dan Worall’s recent introduction video for More Feedback Machine 2 reminded me I never posted a review for this most excellent effect plug-in from u-he.

As the name hints, this plug-in is all about delay effects.

More Feedback Machine has always been a synonym for ultra-flexible delay effects ranging from bread & butter to weird rhythmic deconstruction. In the early days of native plugins, MFM1 was well ahead of its time. MFM2 carries on the tradition and extends it into the future.

The idea behind MFM was to give the musician as much control over 4 individual delay lines as possible, have them interact, and offer easy ways to modulate delay parameters in realtime.

At first you might feel a tad overwhelmed by MFM’s interface, which looks more like some kind of complex synth than a delay effect.

u-he More Feedback Machine 2

More Feedback Machine 2 sports a futuristic look with tons of controls.

The larger part of the interface is taken up by the delay units, which are laid out in a circular design with a feedback matrix in the middle. In this matrix the delay lines are connected in various ways, either by using preset types like multi-tap or ping-pong, or by routing the delay lines in order to fashion the kind of delay network you want in the user matrix mode. Really flexible.

All four delays are identical, with options for setting the input signal, signal flow with regards to the filter, and the timebase for the delay, set in time (0 to 2,000 millisecond) or synced (1/64th to 1/2 dot). When in note mode, you can create a tuned comb filter effect and play the delay with MIDI notes, or set the tune control. Below the pan and output controls is the multi-mode filter section.

You might have noticed there’s a number of empty controls as well. These are user-definable modulation controls. You can assign standard modulation sources like modwheel, velocity, keyfollow, etc. as well as 4 full featured LFOs and 2 MSEGs (multi stage envelope generators). An additional modulation matrix is also available for assigning modulation sources to all targets within MFM 2.

To round things off we also get various effect units for the paired delays 1 & 2, and 3 & 4: A soft clip distortion, decimator (bit crusher), phaser, frequency shifter, and dual filter. Two compressors are also available to further process the sound (standard + RMS feedback compressor). You can even use one pair of delay channels to compress the other.

More Feedback Machine 2 comes with a good amount of presets, showcasing traditional types of delay effects as well as the more creative side of this plug-in.

I could write lot more, but to be honest Dan Worall’s intro video is a lot more entertaining and informational, so check it out below.

So what do I think?

Product: More Feedback Machine 2 by u-he
Format: effect plugin for PC & Mac (VST/AU)
Price: $79 USD excl. VAT
Like: Versatile, flexible, very creative… Delay heaven!
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

More Feedback Machine 2 is one amazing tool, a high quality delay unit does everything from the simple and subtle, to the complex and insane.

The amount of control you have over the delays is kind of mind boggling – a sure-fire way to get my creative juices flowing. This is the kind of effect that inspires me to experiment and sculpt something new or find unexpected sounds I did not set out to create.

In short, More Feedback Machine 2 will surely take care of most – if not all – your delay needs. If you just need a simple delay this one is probably a bit excessive, but for the adventurous and those who want in-depth control over their delay effects: you will not be disappointed with MFM 2!

The plugin is available to purchase at Plugin Boutique and from the u-he store.