Rhodes has announced two virtual instrument plugin modeled directly from the acclaimed Rhodes MK8 hardware. The V8 and V8 Pro draw on over 30,000 samples across 100 velocity layers, for all the nuance and character of the definitive Rhodes piano.

The V8 Pre-amp features Drive, Low/High EQ and a Vari-Pan effect with Rate and Depth controls. A suite of presets and profiles let users access a wide variety of tones from the MK8, as well as some characterful Rhodes models, both real and imagined. The V8 also allows for Tuning adjustment, Mechnical Noise balancing, and the electroacoustic Timbre Shift, among other options.

The V8 Pro goes deeper, offering the MK8’s Envelope parameter for dialling in envelope-controlled filter effects like auto-wah, and unleashing the Vari-Pan circuit into audio rate modulation. The Compressor, Chorus, Phaser and Delay effects from the MK8 FX are here too. On the Setup page, users will find per-note control over Timbre, Fine Tune, Level and Damper response. A selection of microphones and amplifiers can be found, paying homage to classic studio and stage Rhodes setups.

In celebration of the upcoming release of the virtual instruments, Rhodes has launched the Missing Keys campaign, a competition to score a short film using the 45-day free trial of the plugin.

The winner will take ownership of a beautiful bespoke Rhodes MK8 piano, while 19 runners-up will receive full versions of the Rhodes V8 plugin for life.

The V8 and V8 Pro software will be available from Rhodes and distributor Plugin Boutique after the close of the competition on March 1st, 2023.