RME and DirectOut have announced a mobile audio interface based on the design of RME’s popular Digiface Dante, and featuring a RAVENNA module developed by DirectOut.

The Digiface Ravenna allows the transmission of up to 128 RAVENNA channels as well as 64 MADI channels via a single USB 3.0 connection, expanding RME’s audio networking solutions with a powerful RAVENNA model for both USB and standalone operation.

The combination of RME’s renowned drivers (Mac/Windows) and DirectOut’s RAVENNA implementation offer a reliable and flexible networked computer audio interface. Equipped with the latest TotalMix FX it can not only route, but also mix as many independent submixes as outputs are available. The included high quality phones output offers a quick listen to any audio channel, but can also be used as line output to provide an additional analog stereo mixdown.

The Digiface Ravenna is priced $2,099 USD or £1,949 GBP / 2,199 EUR including VAT.

More information: RME