Plugin Boutique is offering a discount on the Perfect Plate and Perfect Plate XL, two reverb plugins by Denise designed to easily manipulate your tracks in supernatural ways with supernatural sound quality.

The XL version extends the sound design capabilities by adding an EQ graph, control of the damping slope and creative effects specifically tailored for this reverb.

The Perfect Plate XL offers refined control over the key aspects that determine a plate’s sound, resulting in new possibilities to shape and combine plate reverb styles: make drums sound huge, like played in a oil tanker, give vocals a classic dreamy vintage reverb or make them sound like a resonating synth drone that rotates in the stereo field.

Denise does this by utilizing our TXVerb™ technology known from the Perfect Room, praised by many engineers as the best natural reverb out there. To go even further beyond the realms of traditional reverb, denise added 5 tailor-made effects to work seamlessly with their core TXVerb™ technology.

Perfect Plate XL features

  • Creative control over the plate’s ​character in space and time​, with the 5 aspects that determine a plate’s sound.
  • Larger than life Mono to Stereo: ​Create a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without any phase issues.
  • Rotator and Ducker​: Create movement by ducking and combining host-synced vibrato, tremolo, filtering and panning effects.
  • Resonator: ​Lets you inject metallic imperfections, ​build cinematic & SciFi effects or turn any audio source into a synth.
  • Detune and Saturation: ​Control the lofi and vintage quality.
  • Resizable GUI & Catalina support.
  • Perfect for External FX: ​Used on a bus, you can combine the Perfect Plate with all kinds of effects to create character and excitement.
  • TXVerb™ Reverb Technology
  • EQ Graph:​ Adjust the reverb’s colour by shaping its frequencies and resonances in the built-in EQ graph.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Perfect Plate XL is priced $39 USD, while Perfect Plate is only $19 USD until October 2nd, 2022.

More information: Denise Audio