RML Labs SAWStudio

RML Labs has released version 1.9 of SAWStudioBasic, a trimmed-down version of the SAWStudio audio production software.

Changes in SAWStudioBasic v1.9

  • Enhancements
    • Enhanced the Record Loopback Latency Adjustment to now accept a max value of 999,999 samples.
    • Activated all of the Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key MT region manipulation functions on the first click, even when changing hottracks.
    • The View Filter (V-Key) and View Filter popup Menu (Right-Click on Aut Switch) can now both be operated during playback, or any other live engine mode.
    • The File View window repath options now display all files in destination browse folders.
  • Echo Plugin Ver 2.6
    • Enhanced the Delay ms popup menu to display a reference distance in Feet or Meters (selected in the Pyramid Logo Options menu) based on the speed of sound through dry air at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C).
    • A new Tap Mode feature is available by clicking on one or both of the Tap Lights (Pressing the Ctrl-Key while clicking on either will activate both channels).
    • Enhanced the DelayTime, FeedBack and Strength controls to stereo latch when using the Ctrl-Key and any of the control adjustment methods.
    • The Pyramid Logo Options menu may now be used while the engine is active.
  • Various bug fixes.

SAWStudioBasic is available for Windows and costs $300 USD. A demo version can be found here.

Visit RML Labs for more information.