Robert W. Rose SEQ541

Robert W. Rose has released SEQ541, a MIDI pattern sequencer for OS X.

The program is extremely flexible, all it requires is that you have an external MIDI device generating a clock and it will output notes in time to a pattern sequence you specify.

SEQ541 features

  • You can’t record patterns, only input them via mouse.
  • 128-note polyphony.
  • You can run as many pattern sequencers simultaneously as your CPU can handle.
  • You can store as many patterns as you want per sequencer.
  • While playing, transitions to the next pattern don’t occur until the current pattern is done playing.
  • Variable pattern length: 16, 32, 48 and 64 notes.
  • Variable note length: 16th note through whole note in 16th note steps.
  • Fixed note-on velocity 0x64.
  • Play/stop must be driven from an external MIDI source.
  • MIDI clock must be from an external MIDI source.
  • Can drive any hardware or software MIDI device.
  • Can echo MIDI clock to the external MIDI device (for arpegio or whatever).

SEQ541 for Mac is available to download at no cost under a GPL license.

More information: SEQ541