CD Sound Master VTM-M2

CD Sound Master has announced the release of VTM-M2, a vintage tape machine plug-in for Windows.

This Plug-In represents over five years of research, testing, and development, and more than a year of additional coding and development, and represents a collaboration between Michael Angel and Michael Heiler, also know as “Mx2”, or “Michael Times Two”.

The VTM-M2 is a saturating tape compressor, capable of high end mastering-quality limiting and tape compression, and multi-track tape uses from subtle to heavily driven gain. It represents a new level in realism for tape compression, and is the long-awaited “3rd stage” tape compression for use with CDSoundMaster’s R2R and TB+ Program Libraries for the Nebula Pro Plug-In.

The VTM-M2 is the first Plug-In of its kind and it represents our original development process called “Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology”, where the response of the Plug-In is completely based upon the musical element that it processes. The entire technology is based upon how electronics sound and adapt to real musical content.

VTM-M2 features

  • Windows PC VST 32 Bit (x64 coming soon).
  • Two operating modes for “low” and “high” calibration.
  • MIDI automated recall and parameter change for all processes.
  • Full DAW session recall.
  • Carefully created, usable presets.
  • Extremely complex technology for the utmost in analog realism.
  • Low CPU usage for use on all tracks in complex sessions.

VTM-M2 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $149 USD until February 15, 2011. Nebula Pro R2R customers can get a special customer discount.

Note: If you are considering purchasing both the VTM-M2 and R2R, make sure that you purchase R2R FIRST in order to receive the largest discount on VTM-M2.

More information: CD Sound Master / VTM-M2