Ronald Passion releases Bass Preamp

Ronald Passion Bass Preamp

Ronald Passion has released Bass Preamp, a freeware analog tube bass preamp VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

“Get ready from Jazz to Funk Rock slap…” what ever your Bass Guitar, single coil or humbucker.

Bass Preamp features

  • Active Switch (On/Off).
  • Cab Switch (On/Off).
  • X-tra Lo/X-tra Hi for additional body.
  • Drive in preamp input section.
  • Bass/Mid/Hi tone controllers.
  • Mid frequency selection knob.
  • Master output.

Bass Preamp is available for download below (4.1 MB).

Bass Preamp Download size: 2.70 MB

Ronald has also updated the Master EQ plug-in to fix a problem with saving presets.

Check the Ronald Passion page to download the new version of Master EQ, and other free plug-ins by Ronald.

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Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

This sounds great! Far more usable than slap passion. It even sounds good with guitar and drums as well.

The cab is definitely usable. A few more choices would be a nice addition.

Possible improvements: A graphic eq[in addition to the included tone controls] for additional tone possibilities. A higher gain stage would fit more types of passive basses. And maybe a compressor? Although, not essential.

Great work Ron!


Thanks for this plug, it sounds very cool, really…

How is possible to minimize the spacialization effect that it produces ? The difference of output level between the 2 channels is a little to much. Going full mono is not also a solution because the sound lose a lot of clarity.


This makes my hosts freeze. Any ideas why? I have a guess that it has something to do with the ASIO4ALL drivers that I use, but I haven’t tested yet.