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Ronald Passion has created freeware effect plug-ins for Windows PC. The plug-ins are done in SynthMaker and include some custom code.

Guitar Preamps

Ronald Passion X-1000, SS500 and M-900

Ronald Passion X-1000, SS500, M-900 and FV-70 are three freeware guitar preamp VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

Ronald writes:

“After a thousand reading, a thousand try and error, a thousand emotions, a thousand seconds in front of computer and “This is it” -> My 8 months dream, Guitar Preamp!”

Ronald, for the love of the sounds

Guitar preamp effects

  • X-1000 — Hot Valve Modern Distortion.
  • SS500 — Fat Solid State Modern Distortion.
  • M-900 — Brit Distortion.
  • FV-70 — Fat Clean, Crunch to Blues.

Ronald Passion X-1000 Download size: 2.33 MB

Ronald Passion SS500 Download size: 2.36 MB

Ronald Passion M-900 Download size: 2.35 MB

Ronald Passion FV-70 Download size: 2.49 MB

Bass Preamp

Ronald Passion Bass Preamp

Bass Preamp is an analog tube bass preamp effect plug-in.

  • Active Switch (On/Off).
  • Cab Switch (On/Off).
  • X-tra Lo/X-tra Hi for additional body.
  • Drive in preamp input section.
  • Bass/Mid/Hi tone controllers.
  • Mid frequency selection knob.
  • Master output.

Update 16-apr-2009: various changes, same download link.

Bass Preamp Download size: 2.70 MB

Silver & White Magnum

Ronald Passion Silver Magnum
Ronald Passion White Magnum

Silver & White Magnum are two analog valve custom parametric equalizer effects.

  • Silver: G/F/V/B selects Guitar, Full, Vox and Bass parametric frequency scheme.
  • White: HP -> 20, 30, 40, 60 & 80 Hz. LP -> 20, 12, 10 & 8 KHz.
  • Q: 0 db/-3 db.
  • Lowpass and Highpass filtering.
  • Re Energize button (boost).
  • Tube style Compressor.
  • Noise floor is -100 db.

Update 01-apr-2009: both plug-ins were updated to fix a problem with saving presets.

Silver Magnum Download size: 2.47 MB

White Magnum Download size: 2.57 MB

Bad Vox

Ronald Passion Bad Vox

Bad Vox is a simple tube equalizer effect for vocals.

  • Frequency bands based on Manley Hardware Vox Box (only the EQ): 150Hz, 1.5kHz, 6.4kHz.
  • Q: -3 db.
  • Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filtering.

Bad Vox Download size: 2.11 MB

Master EQ

Ronald Passion Master EQ

Master EQ is a tube equalizer for mastering (update to Massive Passive EQ).

  • Frequency bands based on Manley Hardware Equalizer (Massive Passive Stereo EQ): 150Hz, 560Hz, 1.5kHz, 3.9kHz.
  • Q: -3 db/-6 db.
  • Noise floor: -85 db.
  • Red LED meter for monitoring peaks.
  • Lowpass & Highpass filtering.

Update 04-apr-2009: plug-in was updated to fix a problem with saving presets.

Master EQ Download size: 2.76 MB

Massive Passive EQ

Ronald Passion Massive Passive EQ v1.0

Massive Passive EQ is a freeware mastering equalizer effect for Windows.

Massive Passive EQ features

  • Signal flow: IN + LP & HP + R1 (peaking & shelving) + R2 + R3 + R4 + OUT.
  • Q is -3 db point and -6 db point.
  • All frequencies based on Manley Hardware Equalizer (Massive Passive Stereo EQ).
  • Red Led Meter (in & out).

Massive Passive EQ v1.2 Download size: 1.53 MB

Blue Channel

Ronald Passion Blue Channel

Blue Channel is a digital tube channel VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Blue Channel v1.0 features

  • Compressor: Highpass + Lowpass filter, In/Out, Drive, Threshold, Attack & Release, Ratio, On/Off switch.
  • Equalizer: Low shelf, Mid Bass, Mid High, High shelf, Master output, On/Off switch.
  • Valve Tube Style control.
  • 10 presets.

Blue Channel Download size: 2.23 MB

Digital Parametric Equalizer

Ronald Passion Digital Parametric Equalizer

Digital Parametric Equalizer is a digital equalizer effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Digital Parametric Equalizer v1.0 features

  • Highpass & Lowpass filter + 6 bands (-/+ 24 range for each).
  • 4 settings for the bands:
    1. Standard: 100Hz, 360Hz, 720Hz, 1.5KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz.
    2. Bass: 60Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 800Hz, 1.5KHz.
    3. Vox: 240Hz, 380Hz, 800Hz, 1.2KHz, 2.5KHz, 5KHz.
    4. Guitar: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz.
  • Main output and on/off controls.

Update 05-mar-2009: New version has additional frequency settings (same download link below).

Digital Parametric Equalizer v1.2 Download size: 1.52 MB

Equalizer Passion

Ronald Passion Equalizer Passion

Equalizer Passion is a virtual analog equalizer effect.

Equalizer Passion v1.0 features

  • Freq, Gain and Q for Bass, Mid Bass, Mid High and High frequency ranges.
  • In- and output volume controls.
  • Press Knob (“0” for natural “1” for pressing signal).
  • On/Off switch.

Equalizer Passion Download size: 2.06 MB

Crunch Passion

Ronald Passion Crunch Passion

Crunch Passion is a dual guitar preamp (Clean & Crunch).

Crunch Passion v1.1 features

  • Clean section: clean tube style model.
  • Drive section: crunch drive (not modeled after a specific model but it sound like a Laney). Drive section input depends on clean section.
  • Shape: controls the tone, from dull to sharp.
  • Bass–Mid–Hi: 10dB range per band (i.e. Bass -5dB to 0 to 5dB).
  • Volume: control volume of signal.

Crunch Passion Download size: 2.00 MB

Slap Passion

Ronald Passion Slap Passion

Slap Passion is a tube bass preamp.

Slap Passion v1.1 features

  • Input section: clean tube style bass model.
  • Bass–Mid–Hi: 12dB range per band. (i.e. Bass -6dB to 0 to 6dB).
  • Freq: Mid Freq selection — 175Hz – 350Hz – 525Hz – 700Hz – 875Hz – 1050Hz.
  • Volume: control volume of signal.

Slap Passion Download size: 2.12 MB

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It would be love if U give some critics!

Have nice Try

Big Thanx :)

my review: 1st, on loading the plugins, it’s bad idea to have the default to “off.” if i’m loading a plugin, i expect it to be “on” so don’t make me work by installing an unnecessary step. actually why even have an on/off switch, i control that in my sequencer fx settings anyway. 2 – guitar amp – the clean channel is pretty useless, pretty much a volume control. and the disparity in volume between the clean and distortion channels is just too much. upon loading the plugin, it reminded me of the studiodevil guitar plugin, which is a great… Read more »

I look forward to trying these out Ronald, i think its a good idea to leave the cab emulations out of it as i always bypass them and go for an IR cab suitable. I will give you some feedback when i have had a chance to try both of them out (i am up to my eyes with work at the moment). Thanks for the plug-ins


ASCERBIC -> big thanx bro… The reason “OFF” -> i am beginner and also it prevent any damage, eventhough in my system is just ok! For the distortion -> yeah, i have to learn a lot. Since i just learn since december, that is the best i can do. But yeah, Love The Crispy Critic LoL…. And also i love some thing that it could be from clean to crunch to distortion with one single knob… i love this behaviour! in full drive i would like to make more distortion with this kind of tone…. Close to half could be… Read more »

Next project/come out -> Equalizer Passion v.1.
And Equalizer that doesnt strange your signal. It differents from usual Digital Parametric Eq.

Big Thanx :)


EQUALIZER PASSION V.1 is come out!
Just wait from ronnie to upload in here.

Next: SLAP PASSION V.2 with new concept and CAB

Big Thanx :)


And Also next:

It is gonna be beauty for your critics and comments.

Big Thanx :)


New one:
Digital Parametric Equalizer v.1

Big Thanx :)


Big thanx ronnie, you are welcome!

By the way i design Digital Parametric Equalizer v.1 for every beginner mixing engineer that just start mixing. The fix freq help their work

Best Regard, Ronald!


How people may grove their work without CRITICS?

Trully stand alone one man show

Best Regards, Ronald!


If there is a demand that wish Channel plugin (digital and analog), i am gonna releases them…

There are 3 plugin waiting list in my laptop to be relase…

Big Thanx, ronald :)


Hey, I’m trying these out but I just wanted to thank you for the free plugins! I’d love to see what else you have as well.


More Freq Scheme…
Just wait from ronnie!

Enjoy the preset too

Best Regards, ronald!

Captain Blunt
Captain Blunt

Thanks for the updates Ronald! I’m looking forward
to checking whatever new plugs you’re offering.

Blue channel sounds interesting!? Keep up the great work man!


Thanx for the time, have a throw critic coment and suggestion on me….
Would be plis!

I am stuck if there is no one critic!

Hello captain:
Yeah, great work… lots plugin to be release, but my eyes… oughhh…

iT WOULd be love if theres is a critic!

Best Regards, ronaldpassion!

..cut and past from myself from kvr… :-P Ronald…tried even the blue channel….i like really really much the compressor behaviour at certain settings…it has,like equalizer passion, a unique sound that is quite different from all other compressors i have…kind of “punchiness” that is perfect for drums…on the other hand it can act even as a “soft” compressor with other settings becoming really smooth….really really tweakable!!!like also the valve saturation action( a part its control could be a little more gradual i feel that the knobs act much in the first quarter of rotation and a little on the rest of… Read more »

New One

just wait from ronnie

Best Regards, ronaldpassion!


nald, mending di fokusin aja dulu sama ampli gitar lo .. sampe hari ini gue gak bisa munculin karakter distorsi amp lo di pc gue :(

kalo bisa bikin sampe kayak TH1 tuh ampli nya .. mantapss
or atleast kayak studio devil ….


Hi ODOD (my bro)…

Thanx for the input, after all my EQ Tools i will go back to AMP

Right now i am still doing the BASS AMP, dont worry… it would be free, because less Bass Preamp available….

Thanx for the support buddy…. i got flue rite now…

Best Regards, ronaldpassion!